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bicki & andrew

we go back a long way, bicki and i. fourteen years, in fact. yes, we're old! she was my next door teacher for the first few years i taught and not only did i learn a lot from her, i gained a friend. now andrew...he is a piece of work! smart, funny, serious, talented--he is the best mix of all a boy can be. i am so grateful to have had the opportunity to document this precious family for the second year in a row . . .
thanks, guys.

sax players, beware . . . andrew is on the rise




my vote for this year's christmas card


another contender...




he asked for a serious one. i think we nailed it.


one year old, and the three bigs

she did it . . . baby k turned one! oh, this first year of her life has flown. thanks, j, for allowing me the privilege of capturing her first year.

much love,






J & K-Collage

big sister, j. as pretty as a flower . . .



big brother, n. wild and free!



big brother, s. thoughtful and serious this day, but knows how to have fun too!



four beautiful spirits filled with love . . .


baby K :: three months

this sweet cherub is growing WAY too fast and is such a charmer! her facial expressions are to die for. i can't wait to see her personality bloom.






the three sisters

oh these ladies! they embody so much of what I hope to be someday. caring, compassionate, funny . . . love just oozes from them like thick syrup covering everyone they come in contact with.

CRW_2394-5x7 BG

CRW_2387-5x7 BG

CRW_2381-5x7 BG

CRW_2411-5x7 BG


sweet baby k has the honor of being named after two very special women in her mommy's life. her sister:


and her aunt:


baby k, you are so dearly loved.